Dorcas Meadows

The Whiny Rockstar

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Name: Dorcas Ann Meadows
Age/Birthday: LEGAL NOW. :D
House: Ravenclaw.

Physical Description (be specific):

Dorcas has reddish-brown hair that falls in a choppy cut around her neck and no matter how hard she tries to comb it and charm it into place, it always looks as though it has been touched with electricity. She has grey eyes and pale skin, which doesn't look too good when she blushes and she's also not very tall, probably one of the shortest in the year. Dorcas is one of those girls who can't go anywhere unless makeup is plastered to their face.

Personality Description (please also include 15 words that describe your character):

Dorcas is a rather strange girl. She grew up in the Wizarding World but, when visiting her squib aunt when she was younger, became a huge fan of muggle rock music. Her taste in clothing is linked with her taste in music as she goes with the trends of certain bands and musicianists. This, along with her constant chatter of records, confuses her fellow housemates (who are mostly all purebloods and the most of music they know plays on TWWN). Dorcas is also a huge chatterbox and can talk for a long amount of time without stopping, which seems to annoy a lot of people. She talks too much, listens too little and when she's on a roll, it's hard to get her to shut up.

15 words to describe her: Bold, annoying, opinionated, moody, whiny, sarcastic, witty, smart, strange, pessimistic, confident, loud, proud, a showoff and a thinker.

Family Background (blood lines, family personality/outlook):

Her family is pureblood, except for an aunt or two on her mother's side of the family who are squibs. Her family is not exactly the richest of people and Dorcas is an only child, but there is a lot of love around them. Blood does not hold a great deal of importance to the Meadows family. They are firm believers that it's a person's actions that define who they are, not how they were born or where they grew up.

Personal History (exactly that, personal history):

Dorcas was born in London on the fifth of March, 1959 to Michael and Susan Meadows. She was a very active child when she was younger, always running off when she should have stayed put. It got her in trouble many times and her parents were not always able to watch her due to their profession. They were both aurors, which required a lot of concentration and long hours in the office. When her parents were away Dorcas would go and stay with her Squib aunt in the country. There she began her music obsession and spent a lot of time admiring posters and listening to the big hits of the late 60s-early 70s.

When she got her Hogwarts letter her little 'obsession' went with her. Having grown up an only child, Dorcas seemed to be saying so much to make up for all those years of having nobody to talk to and seemed to annoy people with all her talking. If this hadn't convinced some people she was weird enough, she also introduced her dorm mates to the world of rock music. During her first three or so years at Hogwarts, Dorcas had managed to make both friends and enemies, melting a cauldron or two in between.

She had been disappointed when she hadn't gotten Prefect but then decided it was probably for the best, after all... that much responsibility? No thank you. Dorcas is glad to have made it to her sixth year without too much trouble, save for an accident or two in Potions that she still has the scars from.