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09 May 2006 @ 03:29 pm
January 4th, 1976.  
Happy New Year, everybody!

...Right, now that that's out of the way how was everybody's holidays? Mine was crap but the letters and such from some of you kept me sane. For that, I am eternally grateful for. It's great to see you all back, too - I was going madder with nobody to talk to around here.

Hestia, Caradoc, Doris, Gwenog - they all went home for the holidays. Oh, and by the way Cardsy, it's a perfect fit. :)
Current Location: Ravenclaw Common Room
Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: T.W.W.N - ... some weird song about cauldrons?
downtohoggy on May 9th, 2006 09:50 pm (UTC)
Missed us huh? Well, you make us quite mad so it's all a cycle I guess.

I'm not so sure that I'm glad about that.
Dorcas Meadowswhinyrockstar on May 10th, 2006 03:17 am (UTC)
Aw, I love you too.

Well, if it didn't fit you'd have to go back and get a new one, wouldn't you?